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About us

FOSHAN SHUNDE EAJET HVAC INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD is a fast growing factory specializing in the air diffusion products. Starting from the day of its establishment in 2003, EAJET has been pursuing the best air solution for buildings.

EAJET has expanded 4 workshops since 2018. They focus on different products, respectively made of aluminum, steel products and plastic materials. EAJET provides a complete product range, which include the most kinds of air diffusers, grilles, outlets, dampers etc. With nearly 100 staffs and covering almost 10000 square meters, EAJET is capable of supplying qualified and fast delivered products to the clients.

EAJET understands the importance of having excellent service and workshop facilities. We are committed to satisfying our customers by continually improving our product quality and service. So that, EAJET enjoys a high reputation in air diffusion industry. EAJET brand is named as a recommended brand by China Building Decoration Association.

EAJET, Your Expert In Air Diffusion.


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